Small things for the art collector

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The Art Collector is the one who searches the world high and low to find what they are looking for. They are inspired by, and resonate with the maker and their works.

The art collector enjoys the process of acquiring their collection of works. They will search the world and follow the journeys of artists until they find the piece they have been searching for. Their space is the self-proclaimed gallery that they love to curate every day.

Shop our Christmas selection for the art collector below…


For the modern traditionalist


For the Modernist


For the nostalgic collector


For the modern traditionalist


For the detail enthusiast


For the collector who has it all


For the dreamer


For the lover of landscapes



Shop local and support our wonderful community of small things; Most of the works in the gallery shop are one-offs so you can purchase our artist’s work and feel good knowing you are gifting original and local work for your loved ones this Christmas. We are focusing on the little things that matter and you can too. Shop all gifts online now

Anne Masters