Phil Page

My paintings interrogate the urban environment of European cities. I use the characteristics of these cities, and my reactions to them, to drive the composition of my paintings.

Mozart and Doppler
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical music) and Christian Andreas Doppler (Doppler Effect) lived in adjoining houses in Salzburg, Austria although separated by nearly 100 years. In very different ways both were involved with vibration and wave transfer. This small painting celebrates the way their lives still resonate today, far beyond Salzburg. 

Phil Page's original training was as an architect. He practiced architecture in Australia and overseas, and in Canberra up until 2006. In the same year, he won the RAIA Sulman Award for Excellence in Architecture. Since then, he has focused on painting and studies. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University School of Art & Design in the Painting Workshop.