Michèle Heibel

My miniatures are created on Clayboard Black using only a needle or pin. These are usually stolen from my mother's sewing table and screwed into an old metal etching handle that once belonged to my Swiss Grandfather (a wonderful Graphic Designer who sadly passed away before I was born). Such a tool truly becomes a companion and I treasure the feeling of being accompanied even as I work in solitude. My artworks are often connected to children and the environment - two subjects that are very close to my heart. I have found that there are things I can communicate in a quiet, beautiful, visual way that I would find very difficult to put into words and I am grateful for this.

Growing up in an artistic Swiss family, Michèle Heibel attained a Diploma of Graphic Design at North Sydney's Billy Blue College in 1990. She found herself working in the publishing industry for the following two decades. In 2009, after the birth of her son, she felt a deep need for change. She found that moving to New South Wales' Hunter Valley returned her to the rural lifestyle she had known as a child and credits this environment with the finding of her way back to creating artworks by hand. Michèle is an award winning artist, most recently having been presented with the prize for imaginative drawing at the 2019 National Miniature Awards.