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February 2019
Valentine’s Day | Workshops | New Artworks 


Valentine’s Day

With one week to go, we can help you to choose a bespoke artwork to gift to someone you love. In addition to normal trading hours, we will open Wed 13 February 11am to 6pm for last minute shopping. PS last shipping day for online purchases is 7pm, Thursday 7 February.

Miniature Artwork on right: Michèle Heibel

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Workshops in 2019

Does your CV need some spark? Need to price your artworks? Is your social media about you - or your arts practice? Is your website as creative as you? Need tips on approaching a gallery? Want to demystify the residencies, grants and awards application process?

GOST is pleased to announce a series of workshops aimed at visual artists who need start-up skills and knowledge to navigate the arts world. Each workshop is limited to 5 artists and to ensure everyone’s needs can be met.

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New artworks at GOST & new artists

GOST is excited to say it's stable has expanded from 11 artists to 29 artists! Who would have thought our tiny space could fit them all ... well truth is, we now have a stock room (think Harry Potter cupboard) which houses more artworks which means ... more for you to choose from! Pop in and see our new artworks in person or visit our new online shop!

Top Row: (from left to right): Kylie Fogarty in her studio, Hare by Kylie Fogarty, Pia Larsen in her studio
Middle row: ACEO Fine Art Print cards to frame or gift by Kylie Fogarty; ceramic vases made for GOST by Sarah Ormonde; small brooch by Pia Larsen. Bottom row: Sculptural vessels by Jacqueline Lewis; Jacqueline in her garden, Japanese inspired wooden objects by Ross Peake