Small things for the home decorator

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The Home Decorator is the one who has that eclectic mix of all types of objects and motifs around their home, the one who always has something new and beautiful to share.

The home decorator is your best friend who has just moved into a new apartment, your favourite Aunt who has that vast collection of vases, objects, plates and anything you can think of; whenever you are there you see something new sitting on the shelf or the dinning table. The home decorator is the gift guide you send to your family when they ask what you want for Christmas this year.

Shop our Christmas selection below…


Vessels for the classic home decorator

from $85

A beautiful selection of handmade ceramic vessels which can be used as posy holders, for a morning coffee or bits and bobs. For the rustic decorator

From $30

For the modernist decorator. Baskets to hang on walls or sit as the centre piece in any home.


For the friend that loves colour and patterns. A range of small and large vessels to be used for flowers, or tea lights.

From $45

For those that love classic with a modern twist


Held Mysteries - botanical range to sit as a pair or solo - Perfect gift for the collector of motifs and small objects.



Shop local and support our wonderful community of small things; Most of the works in the gallery shop are one-offs so you can purchase our artist’s work and feel good knowing you are gifting original and local work for your loved ones this Christmas. We are focusing on the little things that matter and you can too. Shop all gifts online now

Anne Masters