Fran Romano

FRATTEMPO references Fran Romano’s cultural heritage and captures the essence of her slow and mindful making practise.  She explores ideas of memory, nostalgia and the passage of time in both her functional pieces and her artwork.

Fran aims to encourage a moment of reflection, the excuse to pause and make a small ritual out of everyday tasks, such as making a cup of tea, lighting a candle or arranging flowers or food on the table.

Fran Romano is a Canberra-based ceramist. Since completing her studies at the ANU School of Art in mid-2013, she has developed a production business and her art practice, operating under the name, FRATTEMPO.  This Italian word translates as “meanwhile” and incorporates Fran’s potter’s mark (FR).

Fran has exhibited regularly in group shows.  Her exhibition work is inspired by memory, history and nostalgia investigated through the use of layering and experimentation with surface texture and photographic imagery. She has also developed functional designs for Cafes and restaurants including Rye Cafe in Braddon and Jackalope Hotels in Victoria.

Fran currently works from her home in a newly purpose built studio in the inner city.

Fran’s website