MAD Mondays | Canberra Design Festival | 13 & 20 November 2017

GOST MAD Mondays | Canberra Design Festival.png

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to say that GOST is participating in Design Canberra Festival for 2017. It's a jam packed festival and we are going to be open especially on Mondays ... when most galleries are closed. We are calling it MAD Mondays - where you can meet the Makers and Designers who are currently showcasing their fabulous works in Galley of small things.

Monday 13 November meet:

Painter Phil Page, Textile and Printmedia artist Marilou Chagnaud, Textile artists Sally Blake and Printmedia artist Jemima Parker and Ceramic artist Anne Masters.

Monday 20 November meet:

Artist/story teller Lan Nguyen-hoan, Textile and Printmedia artists Merideth Langdale and Marilou Chagnaud, Painter Phil Page and Ceramic Artist Anne Masters.

We will also have two lovely students Melodie and Annette Liu from the ANU School of Art & Design who are helping me on Monday 20 as part of GOST's vision to mentor those studying in the visual arts.

There will be chocolate cake and peppermint tea to make it a lovely day out

All the best, Anne xx