Workshops in 2020

Business basics for Visual Artists 

Does your CV need some spark? Need to price your artwork? Is your social media about you - or your arts practice? Is your website as creative as you? Need tips on approaching a gallery? Want to demystify the residencies, grants and awards application process? 

At GOST, we are keen to support and mentor artists to become confident, professional practising artists. Whether you have just graduated from art school, contemplating a return to your practice or simply keen to refresh your current practice, GOST can equip you with the start-up skills and knowledge required to navigate the arts world. Each workshop is limited to 3-5 artists to ensure everyone’s needs can be met. Additional workshops dependent on demand.

About the presenter

Anne Masters is the founder & Director of Gallery of Small Things (GOST). She has worked in the arts / marketing / communication sectors for more than 20 years. For six years, Anne was Graduate Administrator at the Australian National University School of Art + Design which saw her help more than 100 students navigate their way through MPhils and PhDs to: apply for travel and fieldwork grants; prepare for exhibitions and examinations; improve biographies and artist’ statements for catalogues; and balance study with personal life. 

About each workshop

Workshops may include a brief pre-activity for participants to complete prior to attendance. Handouts and other support material will be provided during the workshop. Each workshop is designed to have a maximum of five participants to ensure a more focused outcome for each artist. Each workshop provides the business basics for a focused topic to help you to improve, explore and grow as a professional practising artist. A light supper and refreshment will be provided

Who should attend the workshop/s?

These workshops have been devised for visual artists. Whether you are an emerging, re-emerging, mid-career or established artist these workshops are designed to build and sustain your career in the arts as a professional practitioner.

I missed the 2019 workshops. Can I still have a private session between August and December 2019?

Yes, we offer one to one private tuition sessions so that your needs can be addressed. I can deliver the same workshop or tailor it specifically for you. For example, you are applying for a residency and need assistance with the application. This session is charged by the hour so it may be that you only need an hour or up to 2hrs. Contact Anne for more information through any of the enquire buttons below.

Workshops on offer:

spark your CV workshop with GOST
price your artwork GOST workshop
creative social media GOST workshop

Long CV - this is for you. Nothing is too small to be on a long CV. It is your life and work life history. The long CV is your memory. It is from the long CV that you pick and choose what is needed for purpose specific CVs.

At the end of the 2-hour workshop you will have a better understanding of a
1 page and long 2-page CV tailored to focus on your arts practice. You will learn the difference between an arts CV and a non-arts CV. Your CV will assist you to sell you and your art practice to arts organisations; complete residency applications and create grant applications with a more focused, current and relevant document that reflects you and resonates with your professional arts practice.

The most common questions I’m asked as a gallery owner: How do I price my artwork? What is my artwork worth? Can I have different prices for my artwork?

This 2-hour workshop will help you to understand why valuing and pricing your artwork is crucial to your survival as an artist. Your revenue minus costs equal profits. Yes, you need to understand financial language and be on top of it every day! You will learn about different pricing methods and the etiquette of pricing your work so it’s consistent no matter where you exhibit / display locally, interstate and / or overseas. 

Telling your story. This is your chance to visually showcase you, your work and your life. For some artists, Instagram is enough; and for others, a mix of Instagram, Facebook and a website is needed.  

After the workshop you will learn the difference between a personal account and a professional account. You will gain a better understanding of the basics of Instagram, layouts, hashtags and consistent branding of you and your artwork. Your social media will assist you to provide your audience, arts organisations, and industries with a visual story of you as an artist.

engage your website GOST workshop
approach galleries GOST workshop
residences grants awards GOST workshop

Content is crucial for an engaging website. It is part of your branding and consistency of your look and feel, it tells your audience who you are and what you do. It is a platform to tell your story across different mediums.

At the end of the workshop you will have developed an understanding of websites and whether you need one or not. You will learn the difference between an e-commerce website and a personal website. You will learn about the key basics to create a website. This includes content, imagery, fish-bone structure (how each page works from home page to last page).It will touch on marketing platforms such as Mailchimp which are crucial for building customer lists. This workshop points you in the direction of companies that build templates for anyone to create their own website with confidence and ease (rather than exploring coding and technical aspects).

How to approach an art gallery - GOST takes the mystery away to make it accessible for you. We provide practical tips before you enter the door, communicating with confidence and being prepared for that first meeting.

This workshop will assist you to understand best practices when approaching a gallery to showcase your artwork. You will develop skills to respond to a call for proposals, build confidence in submitting future proposals and liaise with gallery staff. 

I liken applying for residencies, grants and awards to a first date. They are always nerve-wracking! Often, it’s because we don’t really know about the process and mystery surrounding how some artists are successful and why others are not.

This workshop helps you to understand the processes involved in the selection of residencies, grants and awards. You will develop skills to find the right mechanism that suits you and your practice. You will learn to cope with the ‘sad’ letters – it’s not personal, you simply were not chosen and we will discuss how to receive critical feedback. This workshop will put you in the shoes of the administrators / panels that make the decisions so you can improve on your application and / or your artwork. 

When are the workshops? How much do they cost? Where is the venue?

Time:            6-8pm Cost:             $120 each workshop or 6 workshops for $600*

Venue:           27 Wade Street, Watson

Workshop 1 | spark your CV                              11 March 2020

Workshop 2 | pricing your artworks                  1 April  

Workshop 3 | creative social media  29 April 

Workshop 4 | engaging website content          10 June 

Workshop 5 | how to approach galleries /         8 July
   improve your proposals

Workshop 6 | understand residencies, grants 5 August 
and awards

*to book 6 workshops at the discounted rate (normally $720) contact Anne for direct booking. For all other single workshops please click the enquire button to book your spot. The booking system won’t be active till early 2020.  

Will there be a repeat of workshops and new dates?

Additional workshops will be dependent on demand. Once a workshop fills up the next one will open the following Wednesday. So, for March, Workshop 1 will be repeated every Wednesday in March, Workshop 2 repeated every Wednesday in April and so on. 

Sign up to GOST’s mailing list to be the first to know and if classes fill we will add you to the waitlist. 

What if I need more help implementing tips from the workshop? will there be any post workshop one on one coaching sessions?

Yes, GOST will offer 1-hour coaching of $50 per one on one session to assist artists (that have attended a GOST Business Basics workshop) to address specific needs to their practice. For non-attendees the cost is $60 per hour. 

Refunds policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event. Please email Anne at or phone 0422 263 533 if you are unable to attend your workshop. After this time and up to the day of the workshop, we can’t refund you; however, you can transfer your workshop to another artist and advise Anne of the change.