Sarah Ormonde

“Reflections on the tracks between my shed and the sea.”

Sarah Ormonde is a ceramic artist who lives and works in regional coastal NSW near Bega, Australia.

Her work is a response to the landscape in which she lives. She is interested in the way we move through the landscape and the lines and marks we leave behind.  Sarah blends terracotta and porcelain clays together to create a rich surface to draw into. Her work is thrown and often altered, then inlayed with oxides and layered with slips. She finishes her work with a dry glaze that allows you to feel the clay but is completely functional. 

Having recently finished a Masters of Visual Arts at the Australian National University, Sarah has continued to exhibited locally and interstate. She is currently building her home and new studio overlooking the Sapphire Coast where these small vases for Gallery of small things were created.

Sarah’s website