Ross Peake

“The Australian National University School of Art (SOA) Furniture Workshop was a wonderful place to study timber as it blends new-with-old. Tradition hand skills are foundation teachings alongside modern-day computer aided design and manufacture.  Such a combination fascinates me, my engineering background lends itself well to modern ways and there is nothing like the thrill one gets at taking a perfect shaving off a piece of timber with a well tuned hand plane.

My present work “Hex-boxes” are a 5-way inspiration, Japanese kumiko, geometry, timber threads, light and recycled timber. All are special interests of mine. I blend these together to make a hexagonal light box with a kumiko inspired backing.  A singular Hex-box maybe placed on a shelf, in a window or multiples can be bolted together for a honey-comb like structure. The boxes are made from salvaged timber - generally old paling fences or redgum house stumps - others from removed trees of the Canberra region. While generally considered as firewood to others I see these timbers as a precious resource to be enjoyed.”

In 2001, as a long service bonus to himself, Ross Peake began a journey into timber furniture design at the Sturt School in Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia. He embarked on a 1 year full time  Certificate IV course in Furniture Design. Between 2003 and 2014, Ross returns to his profession as an electronic engineer but pursues his passion in wood with multiple short courses in carving, wood plane making, Japanese chisel construction and many more. Finally in 2014, passion overcomes pragmatism and Ross enrols at ANU School of Art, to then be awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Visual) in 2017.