Minky Grant

Born in Sydney.  Minky spent her childhood living on Sydney’s north shore suburb of Roseville.  She spent her days in her parent’s garden where she developed a love of insects and flowers.  As well as drawing them she made jewellery from flowers and seed pods. Living near water was also important in her developing appreciation of Sydney Harbour and it’s waterways.  She spent most of her childhood in boats fishing with her father. Minky had no early formal training in art or jewellery making, working instead as a secretary.

Minky married and moved to Tasmania.  It was here she concentrated on making jewellery. Her first collection was hand painted bangles and earrings finding a ready market in local boutiques. She taught herself silversmithing learning from books to solder, set stones and lost wax casting.

At this time, Minky developed a keen interest in detailed botanical drawing.  She quickly became proficient in the art of making sterling silver jewellery, using semi-precious stones and opened a boutique selling her jewellery and interior fashion items.

After 12 years in Tasmania, Minky returned to Sydney with her two small daughters and set up a home and studio in Pymble.  While working as a professional jeweller using silver and gold, semi-precious and precious gems and opals she found time to study miniature painting and printmaking. Minky found a natural affinity in sometimes combining all three disciplines in the one piece of artwork.

Always trying new ideas, Minky is currently exploring the beauty of Australian timbers in her jewellery. She has discovered that wood doesn’t have to be brown! Huon Pine, Tallow, Silver Ash have the soft glow of ivory. Redwood, Myrtle a purple to rose colour. Ebony and Gidgee a rich black brown while Tasmanian Pencil Pine and King Billy Pine a soft salmon pink.

Using her skills as a jeweller to carve and fashion mainly Australian Native timbers, Minky incorporates gemstones in her necklaces, earrings & bracelets creating a unique style.

Her latest passion is painting in oils, encompassing seascapes, portraits and still life.

Her abundant garden houses many of the little creatures that make their way into her artworks with insects being of special interest.  Minky’s attention to detail, love of colour and delight in nature combined with her quirky sense of fun has led her work being held in National and International collections.