Meet the Director, Anne


It all started when Anne was asked about her goals…

The Director, Anne Masters has a long and established career in the arts. From 1998, Anne worked in the Canberra arts scene where she ran her own casual arts-based business, assisted a private gallery promoting visual arts practitioners and worked for local government in the arts. In mid-2010, she returned to study to refine and develop her own artistic practice with reference to the ceramic artist Les Blakerough as well as French art deco glassmaker Rene Lalique. In 2012, Anne was awarded the Master of Visual Arts from the Australian National University (ANU)  School of Art.

Anne has since worked at the ANU School of Art & Design with a keen interest in educating and mentoring students in professional arts practices. She has participated in group shows and realised many artists needed assistance when liaising with galleries. During a marketing course, she had a light bulb moment when asked to list an out there goal she'd love to achieve, 'own a gallery' which the course convenor thought was a great idea. When Anne looked outside at her 1960s laundry she saw a tiny gallery and a blossoming future