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In September, Garland Magazine launched it’s 16th issue - The Stans. I was delighted to meet the Editor Kevin Murray earlier this year when he visited GOST with a dear friend of mine, artist Sharon Peoples. He was quite taken by the gallery, it’s size and popularity of the art objects on display. It’s a great magazine connecting people across our part of the world - “Garland explores the nexus between East and West through a quarterly online publication which brings together writers, artists and carers from across our region”. To read my article click on the image.

On Tuesday 28 August, GOST was featured in the afternoon drive series on ABC Radio Canberra. Listen to Director Anne Masters take journalist Lish Fejer on a walk through Canberra’s tiniest gallery! Click on the image on the right to hear the story.


On 31 August this year, Jenny McReynolds with home.byholly visited our gallery to shoot a love local story. We had fun as it was her first time on camera and we did it in one take! So, to hear me as chirpy as one can be and also get some fabulous filming of the gallery click on the image!


I was recently interviewed by Lucy Croker for an article to go in Her Canberra on 14 May 2019. It was lovely to talk about how GOST is supporting it’s 2nd EASS exhibition and having two artists to share a small space together.

Evana Ho recently interviewed my husband and I for the quarterly ‘love story’ featured in the Australian National University’s journal ANU Reporter. It was laughs all round as Adam and I recalled similar (and debated) memories of our getting together. Thanks Evana for capturing our love of art & crime!


It’s all happening! Another fabulous article and this time with A+ Magazine for their Autumn / Winter 2019 issue. Scroll through to pages 16 and 17 to read the interview by Rosie Stevens on my vision for Gallery of small things (GOST).



I was recently interviewed by Kate Stanton for a supplement to go in The Canberra Times on Sunday 24 March. It was lovely to talk about what Canberra means to me and mention other galleries / retailers who all support each other to keep our hometown creative and special. Click image to read story.

I was recently interviewed by ABC Radio Canberra journalist Kim Huynh who chats to me about turning a tiny laundry into a dream gallery. Click download as the play button is only an illustrative icon.

GOST_Qantas_front cover_January 2019.jpg

gallery news: gaze at art

Qantas Travel Insider magazine January 2019 edition has a little mention of GOST as one of five things to do in Canberra! We are a bit stoked. To see the inside page go to read more.

Australian Traveller.jpg

gallery news: all things great and small

Australian Traveller magazine is the first to let it's travellers know about gallery of small things. Sitting next to Art Gallery of Western Australia and Art Gallery of NSW it suddenly feels small!

Canberra Weekly.jpg

tiny gallery acts as stepping stone

Denholm Samaras interviews Anne Masters and Joanne Searle about Canberra's newest and tiniest gallery and it's inaugural exhibition 3 CUBED featuring local, interstate and international artists.

Art Almanac Sept 17.jpg

art almanac september and october 2017 editions

Looking for a gallery to visit when travelling to Canberra, Australia? Then this guide is your guide to seeing what gems we have right here. Canberra is dotted with visual arts organisations - private and public - and all worth seeing!

3 CUBED exhibition on at GOST till 29 October 2017.jpg

GOST in Watson has 3 CUBED as first exhibtion

Thanks to Ron Cerabona for writing up about GOST and it's first exhibition 3 CUBED in my local newspaper, The Canberra Times.


A tiny gallery in Summer 2017 edition of ANU Reporter

Thanks to Ivana Ho for pitching my idea to the editorial team for an article on GOST. It ended up with two  smaller spaces but so good to see I'm part of a growing movement towards tiny galleries.

GOST_Anne Art Group.jpg

HerCanberra Magazine - feeling instachic!

Thanks to Emma, Belinda and Amanda who wrote, coordinated and photographed me in my gallery and studio. So fabulous to be included in issue #12. Hard copies available across Canberra including GOST's gallery.

On Forbes gives you access to the best of Canberra - The galleries of the inner north

Thanks to Ashley St George for visiting GOST and checking out tiny gallery. She has captured the essence of the creative arts in her article covering the hidden gems in the inner north.

GOST_Canberra Secrets_exterior edited.jpg

Canberra Secrets - the go to guide

I’m excited to announce that GOST has been included in the 3rd edition of Canberra Secrets. This is the ‘go to’ guide for locals and visitors to explore the gems in and around Canberra. Marg Wade is the tour guide behind this fabulous book and has a wealth of experience to show Canberra’s highlights with private walking tours. 

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