Katherine Marmaras


“Drawing from childhood memories of visiting floor to ceiling filled fabric stores with her tailor father; and her mother’s and grandmothers’ embroidered tapestries - Katherine experiments with pattern, texture and colour.

Katherine intrinsically and instinctively abstracts familiar motifs, colours, patterns and textures in order to subvert and reveal what is not necessarily instantly apparent.  

Her work is process driven as she often finds herself losing all sense of time in the meditative act of random and repetitive mark-making which she utilises to evoke a sense of calm, inviting the viewer to contemplate and reflect.  

Katherine seeks to create a play between the known and the unexpected through her distinctive use and response to materials and mediums. Objects found in natureand collected items are repurposed and often feature in an unconventional and unexpected manner”.

Katherine Marmaras is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses printmaking, drawing, ceramics, collage and textiles.  

Katherine’s practice is largely influenced by printmaking techniques which she adapts to create works exploring the notion that art may be purely decorative.  

Katherine’s work is represented in public and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia and Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York.

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