Julia Pannell

Julia Pannell's motivation for photography is a desire to establish a connection with place, and to explore notions of timelessness and presence. She is interested in viewing certain features of wildlife, landscapes and the sky with a sense of sublime isolation. Her intention is to evoke a sense of quietness, offering a space to meditate upon the 'essence of being'.

Julia is also interested in the link between physical space and its surroundings and its impact on our psychological and emotional selves. Living away from Australia for more than a decade has influenced her approach to the Australian landscape with an eye that embraces the ambiguity, threat, strangeness and spirituality of this country's terrain.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Julia studied photography and art in London in 2008 after living and working for five years as a freelance photographer in Zurich, Switzerland. She has worked for numerous clients on a variety of jobs and has had a few exhibitions in Zurich, London and Sydney.

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