Jo Victoria

“These works are the results of playing and experimenting with the materiality of porcelain. I am constantly searching for new processes that enable the transcending qualities of porcelain to be revealed.  Here, natural materials are mixed with porcelain slip which have burnt out during the firing process creating beautifully strange and delicate works.

The ambiguity and precariousness of their form, placement and relationship to each other allude to questions of vulnerability and survival.  Do these things exist, have they ever, are they from the distant past or the distant future? Are they animals, plants or cultural items?  Are they from another world or another time? Ultimately, these questions lead me to contemplate our own precarious survival.”

Jo Victoria is a Canberra based ceramic artist with a love of the ocean. Her works are inspired by cultural and natural landscapes and ocean shores. She mixes organic materials with porcelain slips to create delicate, translucent, often haunting works that speak of deep time and the precariousness of life on earth.

Jo completed her Master of Visual Arts degree at the ANU School of Art in 2016 and has exhibited in group and solo shows in the ACT and region, the South Coast and in Denmark. She has been invited by the Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre and awarded travel to Denmark as a resident artist for 2018.

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