Jemima Parker

“My recent work captures moments in time and explores my experience of place, using photography and screen printing processes. Images are drawn from my local surrounds, including my childhood home on the far south coast of Australia and my current home in Canberra; as well as recent travels further afield: Portland, Victoria, the southern United States and Oahu, Hawaii. Images are first captured on my phone, recording fleeting moments. I cut down paper, mix inks and hand print, bringing the works slowly to life, a direct contrast to today's instantly posted image. By altering the image and reimaging it as a screen print, I shift the original context, leading the viewer to question the time and place in which it was created. Soft, faded backgrounds & warm, brown black for the images themselves, suggest these contemporary scenes are in fact of a bygone time, evoking nostalgia”

Jemima Parker is a Canberra based visual artist working across disciplines. Interested in her environment, and the often unobserved beauty that is present in the everyday, she documents this through repetitive, almost meditative processes of printing, drawing and stitching. Recent works explore moments of time and experience of place, through photography and screen printing.

Jemima has exhibited widely throughout Australia and abroad, and her work is held in a number of private collections. She regularly teaches screen printing on both paper and fabric, including a recent Summer School in Surface Design and Screen Printing at Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina, USA. Recently, Jemima has been shortlisted for the prestigious Fremantle Print Award, 2017.   

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