June 2019 | GOST news

June 2019
Little Things Art Prize | Periderm - The Corner Store Gallery


We are pleased to announce in 2019,
 GOST is a supporter of the  Little Things Art Prize.
In it's fourth year running, the founder Marnie Ross wanted to invite creative expressions of the 'Little Things' that make them happy or feel grateful. Prizes are presented by their supporter and special guest speaker Dr Tim Sharp from the Happiness Institute.
I am delighted to say I will be joining the judging panel and look forward to participating in this fabulous event as it aligns with our vision so beautifully
- we are all about community and the little things that matter.

Thomas Wood  For many years, I have had an interest in plants and gardens. I previously worked as a horticulturalist, nurseryman and arranged / designed with flowers. My inspiration and influence is from the natural environment with its endless possibilities of shapes and patterns found in nature.

Christine Appleby - solo show now on at The Corner Store Gallery, Orange
I'm thrilled to say that our inaugural recipient of the 2018 Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award, Christine Appleby is having her first solo show "Periderm: Perceptions of the Tree Surface" outside of Canberra. I'm so happy for Christine as this means she is building her practice as an artist which is what Adam and I had imagined as being patrons of this Award. Even better is knowing another gallery owner, Madeline Young-Holborow of The Corner Store Gallery supports other designers and artists through her beautiful space and we both love seeing artists thrive in their professional practices. The exhibition continues till 15 June so hop in the car (its only a 3hr drive) and visit Orange for a new experience.

GOST is back to normal trading days now that it's special exhibition Wood + Yu has finished. We wish to thank our visitors (new and familiar) for coming to see our 2019 EASS recipients first duo show since graduating from the ANU School of Art + Design. We wish them both all the best for their future endeavours.

New artworks and a new look at GOST

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Images: 1st image - new look in the gallery; 2nd image: Boro Bags handmade by Liz Taverner; 3rd image - Lynne Flemons paintings from Hill End, Minky Grant - the Corner Co-op and Christine Appleby - copper wire brooch; 4th image - Phil Page - After Robert Coulter and Griffin 2, on shelf - Fran Romano mini jug and sugar bowl and vase; Kylie Fogarty - Hare, Fox, Chook & Horse pigmented ink on Fine Art Paper; on shelf - Anne Masters porcelain birds, Julie Pennington porcelain vessels and Jo Victoria porcelain bowls.

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