Al Munro

“My work often explores the intersections of science and textiles. My string theory necklaces are a development from a series of wooden wall structures called Molecular Measures which I created for an exhibition at May Space Sydney in 2014, as well as experimental crochet works exhibited at CCAS Manuka in December 2016. Both works use stripes and colour to link to scientific measurement, and use a variety of playful textures to highlight the artifice of scientific depictions of the natural world. In the String Theory necklaces, I continue, to explore my love of stripes, colour and texture in crochet. I use a variety of yarns which I have collected on my travels in the U.K, Japan and Thailand as well as Australian suppliers”. 

Al Munro is a Canberra-region artist whose practice spans textile, print and drawing-based media. Her recent work in takes as its point of departure the relationship between textile structures and mathematics, investigating the geometry of pleating and various pattern systems.

Al is a lecturer in the Textiles Workshop at the ANU School of Art and awarded a PhD from the ANU. She has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally and is represented by May Space, Sydney. In 2015, Al completed a three-month Australia Council studio residency in Tokyo researching a new body of studio practice related to Japanese pattern systems and their various geometric qualities.

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