Minky Grant 3D miniature art - Making sense of art

Minky Grant 3D miniature art - Making sense of art


The Making sense of art miniature artwork is a rare delight and GOST is thrilled to have this 3D miniature artwork in our gallery.

This item is NOT shippable. You can still purchase but must collect in person.

Materials used in Making sense of art: modelling clay, sterling silver, etchings, acrylic, glass and wood.

Size: The outside dome measures 18 (h) x 10.3 cm diam.

All artworks come with a printed Artist Statement and Biography

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Making sense of art

What was the artist trying to say? Maybe nothing at all. 

We love to get inside the minds of artists and work through their thoughts, looking for clues and symbols.

Sometimes the artist is expressing appreciation for the beauty around him / her. Sometimes deep hidden thoughts.
In the end it’s up to the viewer to make judgements and enjoy looking at art for it’s own sake, provoking emotions that make us feel alive.

Minky Grant