Exhibition continues to 15 August 2018

GOST goes off site! We are going to the CSIRO Discovery Centre to host a solo exhibition BALANCE by painter Nic Mason. The Science Gallery will be transformed into an Australian landscape investigating the impact of interlopers. An online catalogue is now available. We take purchases over the phone if you can't make it in person. Please contact Anne.
CSIRO Discovery Centre, North Science Rd, ACTON, 2602
Monday to Fridays 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday & Sundays CLOSED
meet the artist | Nic Mason
Wednesday 15 August from midday to 2pm


Exhibition continues every day to 10 June 2018

GOST will have its inaugural Emerging Artist Support Scheme solo show open to the public on Friday 25 May 2018 starring the talented Christine Appleby, a textiles graduate (first class honours) from the ANU school of Art & Design Textiles workshop. An online catalogue is now available. We can take purchases over the phone if you can't make it in person. Please contact Anne.
meet the maker | Christine Appleby
Saturday 9 June from 11am to 1pm
Sunday 10 June from 2pm to 4pm
Photography by Brenton McGeachie


3 CUBED exhibition opens to the public on 28 September 2017
GOST invites the public to attend the opening of the gallery on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October.

3 CUBED was created by GOST's Director Anne Masters and based on the idea of the number three - 3 x 3 x 3. Anne thought of 9 artists creating 3 works each – a total of 27 works and then this led to the date of opening – 27 September. As much as she’d like it to be 2018 to make it special Anne feels she has struck a chord with the number three as it means many things ranging from a sacred number in most religions to symbolizing perfect harmony. 
Anne also wanted to invite artists that have influenced her studies and practice as an emerging ceramic artist. She has developed and sustained many friendships and for this exhibition has selected 3 teachers, 3 mentors and 3 visiting artists for GOST's inaugural opening.
View online catalogue.

photography by melhillphotography